Monday, January 12, 2009

Cozumel Pics

Back to reality. Cry! But I thought I'd share some pics from our Cozumel Mexico adventure. :) I'm kind of exhausted, so the pics will have to be worth a thousand words for now.

Our hotel, the Aura Wyndham, was awesome. I highly recommend it. The swim-up rooms were the coolest thing ever.

Mexico 107

Mexico 117

It was an all-inclusive place, which meant all you can eat and drink. And you could sit on the beach to do it.

Mexico 004

Mexico 011

Some kind of weird floaty iceburg thing off the coast of Senor Frog's, a few beaches over. We didn't swim out to it, but it does look fun!

Mexico 014

The hotel staff was wonderful! They suprised us a bottle of champagne the first evening.

Mexico 016

Mexico 019

The view of the resort from the pier and the pier from the resort.

Mexico 031

Mexico 002

In town...

Mexico 041

Mexico 042

Mexico 045

Mexico 046

I like this picture of Jacob.

Mexico 044

Liz likes to joke that everywhere I go, I order a cheeseburger. This one's for her.

Mexico 054

The sunsets were amazing!

Mexico 057

Mexico 056

Mexico 063

We watched them from the beach.

Mexico 058

Mexico 059

Once (okay twice!) more with feeling.

Mexico 066

Mexico 068


Mexico 082

Mexico 087

This was the park we went to to swim with dolphins. (Dolphin pics have to be scanned, so will have to wait.)

Mexico 089

Mexico 079

We spent hours trying to locate this hidden dining gem! Mostly because the guidebook had a freaking ERROR in it. Grrr. The fajitas were worth it when we finally got there though.

Mexico 100

Mexico 101

Mexico 090

There was this big Hawaiian shirted tour group from Minnesota at the next table who were more than a few drinks in...

Mexico 097

One of them came up to our table and handed me a rubber chicken and said it was to remind us to "have fun." Reminded me of Liz and my old conference chicken days. :)

Mexico 098

When we got back to the room, the staff had decorated. I LOVE towel swans!!

Mexico 103

And that's about it! Our four days in sunny, wonderful Cozumel!


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