Monday, January 26, 2009

Killington Pics

Sorry I've been a blog slacker - but I've been using every free writing moment to work on my actual books, which is definitely time well spent. I passed in my new draft of The Camelot Code to my agent today - can't wait to hear what she thinks of it!

As I mentioned, this past week I went up to Killington, Vermont to shoot a bunch of ski/snowboard related stories for Better TV. It was a lot of work - and COLD! - but also a lot of fun. Here are a few pics.

killington 004

I hadn't actually snowboarded for a couple years - having moved into the city and all - so it was great to get back on a board. I thought I'd be rusty, but I totally wasn't. Definitely like riding a bike! Now I want to go back and do it more - when I'm not stuck working.

killington 002

Mike shooting some ski school. We did a segment on what to expect your first time out on the snow. I was the pupil for the mock lesson. Mike said I looked too good and made me fake fall on camera a few times so it'd be more realistic. :)

killington 006

killington 005

Being on the bunny slope was such a tease! Luckily, after that, we got to go up to the new terrain park "The Stash". It's one of the only all-natural terrain parks in the world and was really cool. All wood, no metal at all. I didn't take photos cause it was so darn cold up there. But you'll eventually see the video.

One of the most fun things we did was go snowmobiling! I'd never been before and had no idea how much fun it is to do! I'm addicted now and can't wait to try it again. It's sort of like jet-skiing on snow. And you can go really fast! We went up and down an old mountain's ski trails. You could still see the abandoned lifts. Supposedly the chairs are buried just over the cliff.

killington 011

killington 012

killington 014

killington 013

killington 018

killington 017

All in all - a fun trip - though very busy! I'd love to go back when I'm not working though - it was kind of a tease to be there, but not be able to just go off and have fun. :) Hopefully sometime in March I can get up for a weekend. That's one thing I definitely miss about New England - it's so easy and close to go up to the mountains for a day! It took like 5 + hours to get there from NYC!


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Dorothy said...

Nice pics. It almost made me wish I was there, but brrrrrr... Cozumel scores way higher on my list.