Monday, February 02, 2009

DDR Marathon! (Oh, and Superbowl watching, too)

Yesterday Jacob and I had a Dance Dance Revolution Superbowl party. There were two kinds of chili (hot/mild), two kinds of guacamole (manly/girly), two types of cornbread (with jalapenos/without) and two television centric activities available (watching the Big Game/playing DDR)

So basically, something for everyone who attended.

If you haven't played Dance Dance Revolution you're missing out on a cultural phenomenon of our time. Basically there's a touch-sensitive mat attached to the XBOX 360 that serves as the dance floor. On screen you hear a song and see dance moves (in the form of <- ->) and you have to hit them at an exact moment. It's not much different than Guitar Hero, really, except you're using your feet. And it's better exercise. In fact, I'm pretty sure we burned at least a thousand calories a piece last night playing. Probably enough to counteract that first bowl of chili.

I sadly did not take any video of this. Maybe because I was afraid of the blackmail potential of having something so embarassing end up on the interwebs. Instead, I'll give you video of a true expert.

Out of all the party goers, Liz has the most potential to someday become as good as that little kid. Next time I'm going to video her.

Oh and we also watched the Superbowl. It was a good game and Pittsburgh won, as you know. I was rooting for them because my sister-in-law Karen is from there. It was a pretty exciting game. Especially the Puppy Bowl on Animal Planet at halftime.

Sometimes it's the little things. :)


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