Friday, January 02, 2009

Singing in the New Year

Yes, I said singing, not ringing. Because we rocked the New Year in with karaoke. A lot of karaoke.

As you might remember, I got a Playstation 3 for Christmas. So the next day I went out and bought the Sing Star game and two microphones to go with it. Sing Star is a karaoke game, similar to the style of Guitar Hero. You do battle with another player and the one who hits the notes best wins. They have a large selection of songs - both on the game CD and available for download for a small fee. (I think games like this are the only hope the music industry has of survival, honestly.)

Our guests arrived around eight pm. Just a small gathering this time. Liz brought a yummy brownie type cake. Leanna and Marcos brought some kind of latino traditional new year's snack that I forget the name of as well as popcorn and chips/salsa. We ordered a ridiculous amount of Chinese food, too.

I used our new martini glasses and shaker and made Cosmopolitans. I'm not satisfied with their color - I wanted them to be a bit more pink. But they tasted good.

New Years Eve 2008 014

New Years Eve 2008 006

And now it was time for the karaoke to begin!

New Years Eve 2008 012

New Years Eve 2008 037

The competition was fierce...

New Years Eve 2008 048

New Years Eve 2008 047

And some of the song choices...questionable.

New Years Eve 2008 050

New Years Eve 2008 043

And though I don't have photo proof, I can do a mean Slim Shady.

Of course, Molly is less than impressed.

New Years Eve 2008 039

Before we knew it, it was almost midnight.

New Years Eve 2008 023

Time to pour the champagne for a toast.

New Years Eve 2008 025

New Years Eve 2008 017

We were very happy to be inside in the warm apartment rather than outside in Times Square with the craziness.

New Years Eve 2008 031

At the very last second, we realized that we were watching the wrong station and missing Dick Clark's New Year's Eve special. So we switched, just in time for midnight.

New Years Eve 2008 032

Poor Dick Clark. Can someone please let the guy retire? They wheel him out every New Year's Eve, even though he can barely talk! What's the deal? Also, how did Ryan Seacrest get the gig?

In any case, we cheered and toasted and all that. Except Molly, who turned up her nose. She's more of a Cristal type dog, I think.

New Years Eve 2008 036

Or maybe just plain water is her beverage of choice.

New Years Eve 2008 009

And then it was back to karaoke for the remainder of the night!

New Years Eve 2008 051

New Years Eve 2008 054

All in all, a great, rockin' New Year's Eve! And a lot better than spending ridiculous amounts of cash to go to some bar or club where some D List celebrity has been paid to MC at.

2008 was a great year for me. And I have high hopes for 2009!


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SavvyChick said...

I love that you blog with pictures Marianne. Makes me feel like I was in the middle of the fun!

Here's to a wonderful 2009!