Monday, August 25, 2008

Weekend Wrap-Up: Mom Edition

My mom left this morning, back to Boston. We packed in a very full weekend while she was here and I think she had fun. :)

On Saturday we went to see a matinee of the Broadway show GREASE. It was really cute. Taylor Hicks of American Idol fame did the "Teen Angel" role and got more applause than the cast members, which I thought was a little unfair, but I guess they have to do whatever they can to fill the seats.

Afterwards we headed to the M&M store, my mom's favorite place in NYC. It was packed, but we managed to get a few pictures. And, of course, some M&Ms. I got the Halloween Mix - purple, black, and orange - while my mom got almond M&Ms.

mom 020

mom 016

Afterwards we headed to Dallas BBQ for some dinner and margaritas. Yum!

mom 030

The next day we tried to go to this church in Times Square, but it was so packed they wouldn't let us in. The first church I've ever gone to with a guest list and a bouncer! It was housed in what must have been an old theater. Very ornate.

Afterwards we headed down to Williamsburg for some thrift shopping. I got an amazing Betsy Johnson dress for like $40 at Buffalo Exchange. I love that place! Then we headed up to Astoria to Jacob's so my mom could see where I'd be living soon. We had shish kabobs and corn on the cob. Yum. Then we played Scrabble. Jacob won and my mom came in second. Yes, yours truly lost badly. I'd love to blame it on my letters, but I think I'm just a lousy Scrabble player all around.

mom 014

All in all it was a fun weekend. I'm glad she was able to come! Molly and I are tired today though. Got a lot to do before this weekend's trip to Atlanta for Dragoncon!

mom 034


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TJ Brown said...

I'm glad you had a good time with your mom. I can't wait to come to NY though I'll probably have to wait until the RWA goes there:)