Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Those of you visiting for Vampire Cafe info...

I'm getting a lot of visitors from around the world to my blog from a link put up by another blog on the Tokyo Vampire Cafe that the WebUrbanist put up. Hi all! The vampire cafe was so cool - I'm not surpised people are interested in it.

Vampire Cafe

A few things important to know before you go:

* The restaurant is REALLY hard to find. Even the cab driver had difficulty locating it.
* You should make a reservation. Have your hotel call beforehand.
* They are not tourist friendly. The staff does not speak any English. There is no English menu or one with photos either. Your best bet is to ask for the tasting menu. (There is a coupon on their website so it's 350 instead of 500 yen.) You don't get to choose your food, but it helps with the language barrier.
* The tasting menu is heavy on shellfish.
* If you get the tasting menu, it's like 7 courses - so plan on spending a long evening there. The service between courses is very slow.
* Like most places Japanese, it's very smoky.

Hope you get a chance to go - it's really, really cool! The rest of you - check out the WebUrbanist article for other weird theme restaurants. The cannibal one is especially creepy!


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