Thursday, August 07, 2008


I may not write tomorrow cause I'll be away all day at a shoot in the Hamptons. A wedding actually. The couple (two teachers) won a dream Hamptons wedding on 8/8/08, which is supposedly the best day of the year to wed. It's a sweet story, actually. I'll post it, of course, when it's done. And not a big gig on a sunny summer day, though it's a 2 hour drive out to Southampton. However, since this may be my ONLY chance to see the Hamptons (not being a rich and famous type!) I'm happy to go.

I'm off in a few minutes to head down to the Daily Candy headquarters to shoot a story on dressing for less. How to mimic this fall's fashions without spending a pretty penny. With today's economic climate, a lot of our stories have to do with this kind of thing. I've never been to Daily Candy's offices before so that'll be interesting.

I went to the gym for my lunch break today and I accidentally broke my new iPhone. Boo! (It fell off the treadmill.) I have to bring it to the Apple store to see if it can be fixed. Fingers crossed! I'm already so addicted to the thing, I can no longer imagine life without it!

Anyway, off to get ready for my shoot. Then I'm heading home. Jacob's coming over tonight after class and I'm going to make chicken fajitas. Yum! I'm really getting much more into cooking these days. I can't wait to have a full kitchen again where I'll actually have room to do it.


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