Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Razor Girl Release Day!!!

Hey everyone,

I'm so excited - it's the official release day of my latest book - RAZOR GIRL! Another offering from the Dorchester SHOMI line of speculative fiction, Razor Girl is a post-apocalyptic pilgramage to Disney World. Or, as my agent likes me to say, Casablanca with zombies! :)

I know I've posted this before, but once more with feeling for those of you still contemplating on whether to check it out.

Molly Anderson is not your average twenty-one-year- old. It's been six years since she and her family escaped into a bunker, led by her conspiracy theorist father and his foreknowledge of a plot to bring about the apocalypse. But her father's precautions didn't stop there. Molly is now built to survive.

Yes, Ian Anderson's favorite book gave him ideas on how to "improve" his daughter. Molly is faster, stronger, and her ocular implants and razor-tipped nails set her apart. Apart, when—venturing alone out of the bunker and into a plague ravaged, monster-ridden wilderness—what Molly needs most is togetherness. Chase Griffin, a friend from her past, is her best bet. But while he and others have miraculously survived, the kind boy has become a tormented man. Together, these remnants of humanity must struggle toward trusting each other and journey to the one place Molly's father believed all civilization would be reborn: the Magic Kingdom, where everyone knows it's a small world after all.


And here's what the reviewers are saying...

"Opens with danger and will grab your interest immediately. Stellar!"Huntress Reviews

"An increasingly intense, suspenseful edge-of-the- seat thrilling ride…stunning, cutting edge romance."Merrimon Book Reviews

"Non-stop thrill ride from page one! Marianne Mancusi spins an eerily marvelous tale in her book RAZOR GIRL."Simply Romance Reviews

"Mancusi doesn¹t hesitate to take chances and innovate!"Romantic Times

"Marianne Mancusi has returned with an edgy all-new tale, Razor Girl, filled with fast-paced action and a heroine strong enough to mold her own destiny."SF Scope


You can find Razor Girl at your local bookstore and online at Amazon.com. It only takes a second to click and order and it would make my day if you did! Let's show the world there's a market for innovative, out of the box romances! :)

Thanks for reading! You guys rock!



Diana Peterfreund said...

n tells me it's delivering today! Happy release day, Marianne!

Marianne Mancusi said...

Yay! Thanks Diana! :)

sp!ke said...

Congrats Mar!