Monday, May 26, 2008

Weekend Wrap Up

Jacob's friend Manoj was in town this weekend so we did quite a whirlwind of stuff to entertain him. If I lived this way all the time I'd be exhausted and broke. (More than normal, haha)

Friday work closed early so I met up with Jacob and Manoj to go see Indiana Jones. It was But I didn't like how unrealistic, over the top the stunts were. And a lot of the dialogue was pretty cheesy. I liked all the tombs and adventure stuff - I just didn't think some of the ridiculousness was necessary for a good movie.

Afterwards we met up with my friend Jamie and her new boy, Dale, down at Hudson Bar and Books. Drank some wine, caught up, then left them to head to Lotus for a little dancing. The place was ridiculously packed. But fun, overall.

Saturday we went down to Lobo in Brooklyn for a Mexican brunch, then shopping at Century 21 downtown. That's such a great store -- designer clothes for cheap. But it's a bit crazy -- packed and disorganized. You really have to be in the right mood to shop there. But if you are then it's bargain city!

At night we went to a nice, quiet Italian restaurant on 62nd and 1st. Forget the name. Then we headed down to Soho to go to Upstairs, which is this exclusive, private dance club where celebrities go. I have a connection with the owner so I got us on the list and we were thinking we were pretty cool at first. The place doesn't even have a sign and you won't be able to find it online. We walked up to velvet ropes and I introduced myself the bouncer. He got the manager who called the owner to make sure we were okay to let in since he hadn't "seen me before." Then we were ushered upstairs, through this really ghetto looking graffiti'ed hallway. We were like, this is either going to get us into a cool club or lead to our deaths. The hallway turned a corner and opened up into a really swank lounge with couches and bottle service and a DJ.

The problem? There was no one there. Not a soul.

Turns out anyone who's anyone (aka not us!) was in The Hamptons for Memorial Day weekend. So the club's exclusive crowd was all away and since they wouldn't just let ANYONE in, there was no no one there. A few groups wandered in about 10 minutes later and there was some good drunk socialite people watching, but on a whole it was too dead to be much fun. You could see how it would be cool, if it were hopping, so Jacob and I might try to go back on a normal weekend.

Sunday we went to Hill Country for some barbeque. (Yes, a Texan comes to NYC for the weekend and wants Mexican food and barbeque!) Then back to Astoria. Manoj left to get his plane and Jacob and I played House of the Dead, watched Nightmare on Elm Street (yes, we're finished with Jason, now it's Freddy's turn!), and some episodes of Gossip Girl. (I'm not sure Jacob enjoyed the latter, haha, but it's research for me!!)

Now it's Memorial Day Monday and I'm working cause I want to take Friday off. It's nice actually. Good and quiet. I'm off now to log a few tapes -- no competition at the viewing machines, yay!

Hope you all had a good weekend!!

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