Monday, May 05, 2008

Weekend Wrap-up

Happy Cinco de Mayo everyone!

This week I’m blogging over at The Book Binge blog. I’ll be giving away copies of News Blues and These Boots Were Made for Stomping – so please go over and enter! Tomorrow they’ll be featuring a video q&a I did as well.

This weekend was great! On Friday after work I went to Ajune, an awesome spa on the Upper East Side, for an oxygen facial. It’s something Madonna swears by and I’ve always wanted to try. It felt really nice and afterwards my skin was plump and glowy. Highly recommend it!

Later that night, in our continuing marathon, Jacob and I watched Friday the 13th Part 8 – Jason Takes Manhattan. Sad to say, Jason does not, in actuality, take Manhattan. Nor is much of the movie shot there. Most of it is shot on a boat on the way to Manhattan. And most of the Manhattan shots were shot in Toronto. Also, the plot is ridiculous! Even more so then most of the other movies. I put this 2nd to last in my ranking. Three is still worse, though not by much!

The original poster for the movie is kind of cool. I guess they had to change it cause the NYC Tourism board wasn't pleased.

Saturday we went for a run. Ran from 72nd/Columbus all the way to the World Trade Center, by route of Riverside Park. Five mile run! W00t! Funny, Manhattan seems a lot smaller when you realize you can run it. I was pretty tired by the end though.

Saturday night we went to see my friend Sarah’s boyfriend’s band “Gothic Barbeque” play at the Baggot Inn. They were great! Highlight was when Sarah threw her bra on the stage and Jon, her boyfriend, had no idea whose it was, and didn’t know how to react!! Then we went to a really crowded party in the East Village. It was future themed (though no costumes) and had these really cool glowy wine glasses. I want them! They looked something (but not exactly) like this.

That’s all for now! Go over to Book Binge and read my blog there!


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