Friday, May 23, 2008

Sorry for lack of updates!

Sorry, I know I've been a blog slacker. But not much going on except work, galleys, and being ill. I feel better this AM- hopefully it will continue....

Liz and I are busy planning our Tokyo/Kyoto trip which is in 2 weeks!!! One of the things we plan to do? Dress up as geishas!! Check it out. Pretty wild, huh? This will definitely be my best costume experience yet!

I'm glad I'm sick now so that I'll be sure to be better by the time we go. Can you believe it's 15 hours on a plane each way? Insane. I'm sure to go crazy!!

More soon, I promise!

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Bard Girl said...

Well I hope you feel better soon. Yikes that is a really long flight.