Monday, May 12, 2008

SWAT Writers Coffee Taste Test

Being my friend means being forced in front of the camera once in a while. Here's my SWAT writers group (Liz Maverick, Leanna Hieber, Isabo Kelly, Elizabeth Mahon, and Stacey Agden) taste testing coffees for Better TV.

(This is the YouTube version below, cause I can embed it) - high rez version (better quality) is available here.


Cindy Holby said...

I love it. I felt like I was there with my friends. Only one problem, There was no glitter!

Elizabeth Kerri Mahon said...

Awesome Marianne, I'm posting it on my blog tomorrow.

Leanna said...

This ROCKS. It's posted on my blog, as well as the RWA FF & P loop, they've loved it too! What do we get to taste next? I'm still up for the "which veggie burger tastes the most like meat" test. *grin* Bought veggie corn dogs yesterday. YUM.