Thursday, May 29, 2008

Move the island!!

The thing about me is I’m usually very slow to get into television shows. For about two years I didn’t have cable. Now I have the most basic of cables, which I never watch. I dislike watching new shows because the way it works now is they play like three episodes, you get totally hooked, then they take them off the air cause you were evidently the only one in the country who was. So a show at least needs to last a full season before I deem it worthy to watch.

Case in point, Gossip Girl. Now addicted. Awesome, love it.

So when Lost was first becoming the phenomena that it was, I barely paid any attention. After the first season ended, I watched it on DVD. At first I thought I wouldn’t like it – I hate things that are over-hyped – but it grew on me and by the end, when they opened that hatch, I was enthralled.

I thought about renting the second season, but was told by everyone that it sucked royally. So I moved on to something else. Then I started dating Jacob who was obsessed with Lost. He convinced me that I needed to just power through the second season to get to the third and fourth. He provided me with the episodes, so it wouldn’t cost any money and so I decided, why not?

Wow, did I become hooked! So ridiculously hooked. I watched episode after episode – sometimes 3-4 in a row. For two months it was all Lost, all the time. But then, horror upon horror, I ran out of episodes! I caught up to everyone else. And now I have to wait like everyone else for the episodes to appear on television. Argh!

Tonight, as most of you probably know, is the two hour season finale of the show. I’m psyched to watch it—two hours of Lost!! And at the same time horrified—going to have to wait until JANUARY 2009 to see what happens next! How ever will I (and the rest of the world) survive?!!?

And you just know for a fact that it’ll be a cliffhanger ending…

Any suggestions on DVDs or shows that can occupy all the lonely months while I wait for my beloved show to return?


sp!ke said...

I think that you'd definitely like Firefly if you haven't already seen it. It only aired for 1 season, but the DVDs have "lost" episodes that give you a bit more closure than if you had watched it live as it was getting cancelled. There's also a movie called "Serenity" to go along with it which takes takes place after the series, IIRC.

One of my favorite HBO series of all time was Deadwood - there are three seasons of that out on DVD and then it got cancelled, but it doesn't really end with a cliffhanger so that's good.

Ooooo, and "Dexter" from Showtime is a great show - there should be 2 seasons on DVD. The first season is AWESOME, the second season not so much.

For humor, "Weeds" by Showtime is a fun watch.

House is a great series that's still going strong and the first 4(?) seasons are out on DVD.

That's all I can think of off the top of my head. Apparently I need to get out more often, but in my defense I do all of my TV watching during the winter...

Marianne Mancusi said...

Oh I loved Firefly! And yes, I watched it on DVD. Also loved the movie.

Saw the first season of Deadwood- back when I had cable. Loved it. Maybe I should try the other two seasons.

Never saw Dexter or Weeds. Did just watch Californication which I zomg loved.

:) Thanks for the suggestions!!


Tracy said...

Six Feet Under is an amazing show. Lots of seasons of that too (six, I think?). If you haven't seen it, give it a try.

Supernatural is well -- phenomenal. Smallville -- though I like later seaons far better than I liked season one -- is good. Desperate Housewives is funny. Queer As Folk is truly great and a show I really miss.

Hmm--need more suggestions?

And I too just started watching Gossip Girl. Am enjoying it!

sp!ke said...

I knew you'd like Firefly.

Oh yeah, Californication was AWESOME, obv, good call...

Amanda Ashby said...

I love DVD boxed sets because you can stay up until 3 in the morning feeding the addiction!!!! We're just about to go back and start rewatching Dark Angel for the zillionth time!

Another cool show is Hex. They only did two seasons of it and it was pitched as an English Buffy which it isn't really - however it's pretty cool - full of fallen angels, lesbian ghosts and even a bit of time travelling!!!!

Stephanie J said...

I used to be such a big tv person but when I didn't have any tv for several months last year it sortof changed. There are shows I love but they're more lifestyle shows rather than sitcoms or dramas. I did hear that Dexter was really good, tho!

But I do love Gossip Girl! I missed the finale tho...go figure!

Jill Myles said...

BSG and Dexter - loved both. :)