Wednesday, May 28, 2008


Shot a segment at the luxurious DavidBurke and Donatella restaurant today. Beautiful place that I’ll never be able to afford to eat at. Though I’m really curious about their $21 Peanut Butter and Jelly sandwich…

Sometimes it can be really hard to live in New York. Especially with a job like mine where you’re always going to hot restaurants, swanky bars, high fashion boutiques, exclusive clubs, etc. etc. You see first hand how the other half lives and let me tell you, it’s more ridiculous than you could even imagine. There is so much wealth in this city! I read blogs like Emily Brills’ and it just makes me a little sick. Not that I want to be a part of the Hamptons scene – it sounds too much like the Cape Cod scene in Massachusetts, which I’ve avoided all my life. But still, and when you’re seeing this kind of thing day after day, it’s hard to remember that this is not the norm.

When we went to Upstairs this past weekend, the bottle service started at $385. That means $385 for a single bottle of Grey Goose and some juices to mix in. We ordered individual drinks and it was $50 for three. Plus tip!

You live here too long and you start believing that this is normal. And then you start to feel poor. Pulling in six figures in this city and you’re practically a pauper. If I got a million dollar book deal (ha!) I still wouldn’t be able to afford to buy an apartment here. MAYBE a studio.

We’re in a recession. Everyone around the country is having to cut back. People are losing their houses and can’t afford to gas up their cars. So why doesn’t it seem to be happening in New York? I don’t understand it!

Anyway, I do love living in New York and get to see and do amazing things that I’d never get to do anywhere else. I’m just saying it pays to once and a while step back and get a reality check. Cause this city will bleed you dry. As Jacob says, “It’s the only city with a cover charge.” (Yes, there’s a city tax, too!)



Diana Peterfreund said...

Pretty much nailed why I left and will not go back. You get such a warped perspective living in NYC. It starts to seem "normal" to pay like that for everything. The city is like a drug. Whenever I visit, I can see the draw, and then I'm so relieved when I go home, that I escaped its clutches.

Elizabeth Kerri Mahon said...

I've lived here all my life, and this city is amazing. There is so much that you can do, even if you don't have enough money. I've never been sucked in by the fancy restaurants or clubs, because I have no desire to live like that or have that mentality. But I can see if someone is an outsider, who moves to the city, that they can get sucked in by the Sex and the City lifestyle.