Saturday, March 15, 2008

Pseudo Spring Break

So Jacob's on "spring break" starting next week. But, of course, when you're in graduate school getting an MBA and still working a full time job, that sadly leaves no time for drunken trips to Cancun or Cabo. Which just doesn't seem fair to me!

So we found a little taste of the islands in Manhattan's East Village and ordered Jacob an official spring break drink...

It's called a Zombie Volcano. (Yay zombies!) And yes, as you can see below it's a) about the largest drink ever and b) comes with its own firey volcano! Which, I think, makes it pretty much the coolest (if not tackiest) drink ever. And thus, perfect for pseudo spring break.

Fake Spring Break 001
Bartender preparing the drink. Even the fruit was soaked in rum...

Fake Spring Break 009
Dawn, with her sensible, normal size drink, looks on, doubtfully.

Fake Spring Break 002
Tome is fine with his scorpion bowl. He's drinking for only two.

Fake Spring Break 012
But Jacob wants fire! And that means the four person volcano. It's actually even bigger than it even looks.

Fake Spring Break 007
I decided to help Jacob out. In the end, we didn't make that much of a dent. Still, it was worth it, just to have a flaming firey cocktail for Jacob's spring break!


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