Sunday, March 30, 2008

Ahh Weekend!

Great weekend, sadly coming to an end. On Friday Liz and I went to Morgan's studio to tape an intro for our Romantic Times Convention video blogging pieces.

It was a lot of fun, even if Morgan wouldn't let us wear glitter or empire waist dresses. ;-) She took some still shots of us as well. I don't know if I love the ones of me, but this one of Liz is really great.

On Saturday I worked on my book, rollerblading in Central Park, cleaned my apartment and watched some Lost. (I'm almost caught up! Two more episodes to go!) Then my old college friend Scott came down from Connecticut and me, Jacob and him went down to the East Village to begin our night out.

We hit this great sushi place called Avenue A, which is on, shockingly enough, Avenue A betwen sixth and seventh street. Delicious and creative sushi rolls, yummy cocktails, and a techno DJ spinning the tunes made it a delightful experience all around. Here's Scott and I with our martinis. :)

Pyramid Club March 29 002

After dinner, we headed next door to the Pyramid Club. Arrived WAYYY too early, but we hung out for a while and it eventually got crowded. Leanna and Marcos joined us and we danced up a storm to 80s new wave classics.

Pyramid Club March 29 026

Pyramid Club March 29 010

By the way, I bought the dress I'm wearing at Strawberry. That store is so hit and miss and I know a lot of my friends say they can't find anything there. But when you hit - you can really hit and since there's one across from my work I can browse it with enough frequency that sometimes I do. This dress, for example, only cost like $25 -- but it's sooo cute!!

Pyramid Club March 29 005

And lastly, I love how this photo of Jacob and I came out. It looks like he's whispering secrets in my ear. :) I don't like to get all mushy in my blog, but I will say I am very lucky to have him in my life!

Mar and Jacob

Today (Sunday) Jacob and I (and Molly!) spent most of the day outdoors, wandering around Central Park. It was so peaceful and nice -- I'm so lucky to live near the park. It makes my ridiculous rent almost worth it! Molly went for a swim and I think I need to bathe her now...

Tonight I think I'm going to work a little more on my book, then watch Lost and head to bed early -- content and happy after such a nice weekend. Next weekend I have to work both Sat and Sun so it won't be half as fun. :(



Tez Miller said...

Liz, we can see your bra strap!

Meanwhile, your dress = brilliant.

Have a lovely day! :-)

TJBrown said...

Sounds like you had a fun weekend... I should take pix of my weekend sometime...

Leanna said...

Yay for dancing! I SOOOOOO needed it! Thanks! By the way, I think there needs to be a new anthology coming out called: "these feet were made for skelanimal socks" whaddaya think? :)