Friday, March 21, 2008

A doggone expensive woof

My dog Molly is a little angel. But she cost me $375 at the vets this week!
And that's just preventative treatment!

Last year she had an actual operation and cost me $1,200!

She was NOT a fan of the cone head look.

So I've decided she needs to earn her keep. I'm thinking of hiring her out as a maid.

As you can see, though she's not thrilled with the idea...

In fact, rather than work, she'd prefer to drown herself and end it all!

So I gave in. Let the princess charge up my credit card and sleep all day while I work to pay it off.

1 comment:

Leanna said...

LOL awww, poor maid Molly. Dogs in costumes. Nothin' better. Except maybe bunnies in costumes... Hmmmm... *Percy hides*