Sunday, March 02, 2008

My Birthday - A Photo Essay :)

My Birthday 2008 009
I arrived at Liz Maverick's brand new apartment for the event. She and her minions had created a beautiful table of wines, cheese, and both Magnolia AND Buttercup cupcakes. (Liz is a Buttercup girl, I'm Magnolia all the way!)

My Birthday 2008 012
As a good hostess should, Liz made sure I was appropriately pampered.

My Birthday 2008 031
The pleated dress. Worn by all fashionistas in the know. Not to mention Leanna and I.

My Birthday 2008 023
Liz is happy she's been relieved of grape feeding duty.

My Birthday 2008 019
While Leanna tries to sneak a second cupcake.

My Birthday 2008 034
Okay the bet is on! Nick wants to see Liz stuff half a cupcake in her mouth at once. And he's putting his money where his mouth is!

My Birthday 2008 035
She really wants that five bucks!

My Birthday 2008 036
And we have a winner!!

My Birthday 2008 046
Morgan is a dedicated photographer. And isn't Sarah's dress awesome?

My Birthday 2008 033
Once in a while I can get Morgan on the other side of the lens.

My Birthday 2008 021
As you can see, a fun time was had by all!

Winter sucks
Okay! It's midnight. Time for a few dedicated party people to bundle up and head to Lotus for some dancing!

Girls at Lotus
Yeah, we're scenesters. Fer realz.

Free Bottle Service Rocks
I love the concept of bottle service! You never have to go up to a bar. And thanks to my favorite NY party promoter, Etie, it's totally free!! (Normally $300 for the bottle and table. Yes, people do pay that. It's NYC.)

Girlz in the hood
The music was (unfortunately) hip hop. But Stacy and Liz got down anyway.

yo, yo, yo
And the goth girlz try and fail to look street.

Can you see why?
One bonus of a $300 table? You can dance on it!

Leanna is frightened of the dancers
A fact that disturbs Leanna greatly.

It's past two am. And the club is still a hoppin'...

But after seven hours of partying, my hosts were ready for their beds. Can't blame them, really!

And there you have it! My birthday!! As you can probably see from the pics, it was a total blast!!! Thanks to all the SWAT GIRLS for making it a night I'll never forget!! :)

Now back to writing my book.



Megan Frampton said...

Happy Birthday, Marianne! It looks like it was a blast!

(I woulda been down with the hip-hop, too)

sp!ke said...

Happy Birthday! W00t!

Kwana said...

Happy Birthday, Marianne! Looks like a great party. I hope this is a wonderful year for you.

Leanna said...

Needless to say I didn't make it to Choir in the morning. *grin* I adore you!

Marianne Mancusi said...

Thanks everyone!! :)