Saturday, March 01, 2008

Happy Birthday to Me!

It's Saturday afternoon around 2:30. I've finished working on Razor Girl for the day. Making really good progress now. Hope I can keep it up for the home stretch. Now I've gotta start thinking about getting ready for tonight's birthday festivities! Did I mention I LOVE birthdays? Not just mine - everyone's! I think birthdays are the best holidays ever. Mainly cause you can celebrate people you love and make the day special just for them!

I found a really cute dress to wear tonight. Trying to decide if I should hit Loehmans to pair it with some cute shoes as well or just wear boots. It's actually warmer out today so it'd be okay to wear real shoes. I just don't know if I have time or energy to shoe shop.

Your fun link for the day is a blog that was featured yesterday on Daily Candy. It's called STUFF WHITE PEOPLE LIKE. It's pretty true to life, I thought!

Okay - time to shower and dress and consider shoes...

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