Friday, March 14, 2008

Future Love: 2108

After forced rescheduling and multiple location changes, tomorrow Liz Maverick and I are finally throwing our futuristic theme party, FUTURE LOVE: 2108.

Here’s the blurb we created for the evite, describing the back story and theme. (We are writers, after all!)

It's 2108.

A mass population explosion has forced the government's hand.

No marriage. No childbirth by natural means. Babies conceived in test tubes, harvested in labs, cultivated in orphanages. "Family" no longer has meaning. Love is outlawed, relationships obsolete.

It's Big Brother, people. And not the kind who buys you your first beer.

But not everyone in this not-so-brave new world accepts the prohibition of one of life's greatest miracles, and so these brave souls dare to defy the law with a secret rendezvous, to celebrate the subverted holiday of love.

This year, through special time travel technology*, you're invited to join these rebels of love at their top secret midtown Manhattan location.

This March find the courage to...
Let Love Rock

Doors open at 9pm. Ends when government raids.

NOTE: Proper Year 2108 dress required. (Think futuristic, silver, weapons, excessive amounts of glitter, etc. Anything goes - except boring! We will have extra costuming on hand.)

*Time travel technology provided thanks to generous donations by Kaysar Corporation.

We’ve got around 20 or so people signed up to attend so it should be quite the bash! Hopefully we’ll see some good costumes – I’ll have my camera ready, for sure! I tried on my outfit last night and think it really works. The fiber optic barrettes I got off eBay give it an extra special touch, I think!

I also bought a bunch of random fun stuff for partygoers – glow necklaces, plastic aliens, iridescent silly putty, glow makeup, etc. I still need to come up with a prize for best costume.

It was fun planning the party, but also a lot of work and stress. I was originally wanting to hold theme parties once a month. Now I think once every 3-4 months is probably all I can handle!! Still, we’ve got a good crowd and a cool location – so all the work should be worth it.


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