Saturday, March 08, 2008

Necromantic Friday

Okay, it's photo time for all you Jacob and Leanna fans out there. :) Last night Leanna, Marcos, Jacob and I went to our favorite NYC goth night - Necromantic - at the Knitting Factory in Tribeca. It used to be a weekly event; sadly they since turned it monthly. In any case, we made the most of the evening. Lots of fun as always. And this time, I brought my camera along. So you can get an idea of what it was like.

Necromantic March 007
The Stage

Necromantic March 006
Marcos and Leanna are too cool for school

Necromantic March 004
That's DJ Father Jeff spinning the tunes. Our favorite NYC goth DJ.

Necromantic March 014
Jacob dancing. He's wearing the TRIPP shirt I bought him for his bday.

Necromantic March 017
I'm dancing to Temple of Love by Sisters of Mercy here. My favorite request.

Necromantic March 023
I like this pic, even though I cut off Jacob's head.

Necromantic March 021
Random goth types, doing their thing.

Necromantic March 015
Blurry pic, but you can see the back of my corset.

Necromantic March 034
Heading to the subway in the rain. Thought this pic of Leanna and Marcos turned out very New York/romantic.

Necromantic March 043
"The girl with the red hat." A pan handler called Leanna out.

Necromantic March 040
Ah, young love! :)

Necromantic March 048
Jacob hasn't caught up on his sleep since he got back from Vegas!

Necromantic March 050
Are we home yet??


Tez Miller said...

What's on the Factory ceiling that y'all are looking at as you dance?

Have a lovely day! :-)

Caffey said...

Oh looks like so much fun!!!

Too Marianne, I came here to find out other books I'm missing of yours to read and its LOTS! I have a whole wishlist now including the young adult books as well as the Dorchester book (I just read NEWS BLUES and posted about it) It was so good!!!

So glad to visit here! Cathie, a reader of yours :)

Marianne Mancusi said...

Ohh thanks Cathie! I really appreciate that! I hope you like the other books, too. :)

And yes, good question, Tez!!