Sunday, March 16, 2008

Future Love 2108 - The Photos

The Future Party was a complete success. Great costumes, great location, great time.Everyone's already talking about what we can do for the next theme party. (I think it might be Summer of Love themed.)

Here are a few pics, courtesy of Sarah Sweeney. I forgot to put my battery in my camera after charging it so thank goodness she had hers!

john red thing
John time warping to the party

Liz Me Jamie
Leanna, me, Jamie. You can't tell from the pic, but the barretts in my hair are fiber optic and glowed.

liz lounge
Lounging at the lounge

Here, through this iphone pic, you can actually see the fiber optics glowing. :)

leanna hula
Glow necklace hula hooping

me sarah liz red
Everyone in the future will look like they shopped at Forever 21...

me liz red 3
Check out my shoes below. Silver bling for the win. And Liz's boots, well, they're already famous.

me liz red 2
It was harder to balance in these things than it looks

me and liz red
Rebels of Romance as Femme Bots

Jacob and Mar future red2
"How can I serve you, master?"

Future love
This needs to be the cover of some 70s disco album.

marcos john
In the future, everyone will have a microphone. Wrapped in duct tape around one's wrist. A deadly weapon indeed!

john sarah me jacob
John, Sarah, Me, Jacob

happy drunk liz
"Yay, party!"

mar and sarah
Sarah's a sad femme bot who has to wake up in the morning to take a plane to Iowa.


Tez Miller said...

I can't be certain, but in the glow necklace photo, the guy seems to be checking out the hula dancer's arse.

Have a lovely day! :-)

Marianne Mancusi said...

LOL well, that's the hula dancer's boyfriend, so she probably doesn't mind. ;-)

Leanna said...

LOL, yep, there goes my boyfriend, checkin' out m'bum again. Geez. Sure is better than you posting a picture of him looking at someone else's. :)