Tuesday, June 05, 2007

First review of Moongazer

Got my first review in for Moongazer and it's a good one! :) From SF Scope, a sci-fi type review site. So cool that they compare it to the cyberpunk classic Snow Crash by Neal Stephenson - one of my favorite books!


Shomi/Dorchester, $6.99, 368pp, pb, 9780505527257.

Action romance. On-sale date: August 2007.

An enthralling combination of The Matrix and Snow Crash with a bit of Blade Runner thrown into the mix, Moongazer immediately draws the reader into one woman's terrifying struggle to understand her identity—is she Skye Brown, a successful game designer living in Manhattan or is she really Mariah Quinn, a woman haunted by the post-apocalyptic dreamland she escapes to every night? But what is reality? And who can she trust to find out the truth?

A two-time Emmy Award-winning television news producer, Marianne Mancusi has made a career of challenging the traditional understanding of the romance genre. Her debut novel, A Connecticut Fashionista in King Arthur's Court, and its sequel, A Hoboken Hipster in Sherwood Forest, hilariously refashioned the classic legends of Camelot and Robin Hood. She has also written three successful Young Adult novels under the pseudonym Mari Mancusi.


Diana Peterfreund said...

Wow, AMAZING review, Mari! Can't wait to read!

TJBrown said...

Congrats Marianne! How exciting!

Hank Phillippi Ryan said...

Wow, Mar--"enthralling" is good, right? Can't really do better, you know, than "enthralling"! And I must say, since I was lucky enough to be able to read the enthralling Moongazer, this reviewer is absolutely right.