Monday, June 11, 2007

Monday Stuff

The SHOMI team (Liz Maverick, me, and Eve Kenin) is blogging over at Romance B(u)y the Book today. If you want to win free copies of the first 3 Shomi books - head on over!

It was nice to have a weekend in which I did nothing but relax. I had wanted to get more writing done, but it was what it was. Sometimes the brain just needs a quick vacation. Will get back on the wagon this week. I am still on schedule for my deadline so I'm not worried.

Once this book is finished, I need to write up a proposal for my next Shomi book. I have a really cool idea for it - but I just have to push it to the back of my brain until I am finished my current WIP. So many ideas, so little time to write them. :)

For you World of Warcraft addicts out there, I have currently saved 3,500 gold toward my elite mount so far. Just 1,500 to go! Arghhh! As soon as I get my $5,000 I'm going to do all the Netherdrake quests so I can get myself a dragon! Woot. It takes sooo long to save though - especially as a warrior with my killer repair bill. I totally see why people buy gold from chinese farmers!! (Not that I would - I just understand the frustration!)

By the way, I have a contest going on at my MySpace page if you want to head over and enter. I'm giving away a Moongazer arc and some mangas that I acquired at BEA.

Speaking of which - I am totally addicted to manga now. I've been reading it as research for Gamer Girl and it's sooo fun. I especially like Dramacon, Vampire Knight, and Princess Ai. (All the sojo (girl/romantic) stuff.) I need to go pick up more soon. At BEA, Liz and I actually ended up hanging out and drinking champagne with the president of Tokyo Pop and picked his brain about the industry. So interesting! I'd love to do a Sojo manga about World of Warcraft. I think a lot of girls would be into it.


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TJBrown said...

The deaf girl in Read my Lips is very into Mangas... because they are so visual. Can't wait to read your book!