Friday, June 15, 2007

Yay Friday!

I went to a Ladies Home Journal lunch yesterday and met Robin Roberts, the anchor of Good Morning America. What an inspiring woman! I was very impressed by her. Being in the news industry, I know there are a lot of divas, more concerned with their hair and makeup then making a difference. Robin is exactly the opposite.

She has a new book out called From the Heart: Seven Rules to Live By.

I'm heading to Boston this weekend. Should be fun--seeing friends and family. And I love the train ride there and back - great solid writing time.

Oh and the SHOMI team has a new member. Please congratulate Michele Lang on her sale of Netherworld. It's like Robin Hood in outerspace -- with the heroine playing the role of Sherriff. How cool a concept is that? I just love how unique each Shomi book is. Can't wait to start working on the proposal for my next one.

That's all for now. Have a great weekend!



TJBrown said...

Have fun this weekend! It's always good to go home:)

Anonymous said...

Thanks Mar! I am so psyched about this book, and Shomi.

All the Shomi books rock!

Michele L.