Monday, April 28, 2008

Weekend Wrap up

Dinner at Ruth’s Chris – Mmmmm. Yum. Then clubbing with Leanna and Jacob at Contempt, the once a month goth night at MI-5 in Tribeca. Highlight of the night? A guy dressed as a girl and using the “it’s my first night as a girl” shtick to pick up real women. At first they felt sorry for him and were trying to take him under their wing. Then he asked them to take off their clothes…Um, yeah.

Beautiful day out, Jacob and I played aerobie in Central Park. It’s like Frisbee, but a different kind of disc. At first we both really sucked (especially me who can’t catch worth anything) but we got better as we played. It was fun and nice to get outside and enjoy the weather. Afterwards we went back inside to work – Jacob on school work and me on Camelot Code. Then we met up with Liz to go down to Hill Country for some genuine barbeque. (Did you know real barbeque doesn’t have barbeque sauce? Jacob looked slightly appalled as Liz and I doused our meat anyway…) After that, home for another installment of Friday the 13th. We’re on Part six, so more than halfway there. Supposedly there’s an actual Friday the 13th in June – maybe we’ll watch the final episode on that day.

Slept in then went on long run – 4.6 miles! I’m really finding my groove now. I’ll be really proud when I can do six miles and go all the way around Central Park. Then we headed down to Brooklyn Heights to meet friends for Mexican food at Lobo.

Was a fun weekend overall. Now I’ve got the week from hell at work to pay for it. So many shoots lined up! And lots of them night shoots. Which isn’t bad, actually, considering I get a lot done writing wise if I have the morning off. Want to finish polishing The Camelot Code by next Thursday at the latest. I’m definitely on track to do that. The book is shaping up really nicely – I’m very proud of it!

That’s all for now! Hope you all had good weekends, too!

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