Thursday, April 24, 2008

Some More RT Photos

Are you sick of all the RT photos yet? I swear I'll get back to real life stuff soon! But I can't resist one more round:

The Shomi Girls hear, speak and see no evil!

Rocking on Stage sm
Yeah, we're with the band!

Group Hollywoodpartysm
SWAT Girls go to Hollywood

ROR Booksigning 2 sm
Booksigning fun!

ROR Booksigning sm
I don't know this girl's name, but she was awesome!

ROR Mr Romance 1 sm
Hanging out with Mr. Romance himself, Chris Winters


Tez Miller said...

Is that third Shomista Colby Hodge?

Thanks for sharing, and have a lovely day! :-)

Kwana said...

Great photos!!

Marianne Mancusi said...

Yes, it is Colby Hodge! :)

Cindy Holby said...

the girl you don't know is Marcia Collette, and she is awesome. She's in my local chapter and I adore her.

Leanna said...

Yes, that's Marcia, I met her at the conference, she is Deeeeeeelightful! Her book, Unstable Environment, just got released! (her and I bonded pre-RT on the internet as fellow writers and bunny owners) :)