Monday, April 21, 2008

Karma Kitty Power!!

This is me, dressing as my "These Boots Were Made for Stomping" character (Hayley), who dresses as her character (Karma Kitty) in "Karma Kitty Goes to Comic Con."

The story was inspired by the costume controversy at RWA last year when Liz and I were accused of dressing up like our characters at the booksigning. (Which we didn't, actually. We just dressed in generic manga inspired outfits.)

Scandalous! ;-) Of course no one at RT would bat an eye. :)

Romantic Times 2008

Romantic Times 2008

Romantic Times 2008

Here's the rundown, in case any of YOU want to become Karma Kittty!

* Cat Ears: From Anime Fest 2007 in NYC - belongs to Liz
* Pink Hair: extensions bought off of eBay. They come in all colors - manic panic sells good ones, too.
* Skirt: Skelanimals brand. Their motto? "Dead Animals Need Love, Too!"
* Tie: Tripp (previously worn at aforementioned RWA event)
* Gold sequin tank top: Filenes Basement - $6.99
* Shirt: Mine - I think it's Express...
* Gold Boots:

1 comment:

Esri Rose said...

GREAT costume, and amazing boots.

I saw your manga outfits at last year's RWA con. They were fab. Why would anyone have a prob with you dressing up as your characters at the booksigning? (scratches head)