Friday, April 25, 2008

Random non RT stuffz

I think you're all probably RT'ed out by now so on to regular things.

* I posted an excerpt of RAZOR GIRL on my website if anyone wants a sneak peak.

* I got the Japanese cover of Boys that Bite and it's soo beautiful! Totally manga style. I'll post it soon - it's in pdf form currently and I don't know how to upload it to flickr. Even cooler - the Japanese publisher is setting up magazine interviews for me in Tokyo when Liz and I visit! I'm so excited about that!

* Lost is back on the air!

* Jacob and I ran over four miles yesterday. Now that the weather has turned nice I'm starting to train. I want to be able to run a half marathon by August. It's a lot more fun and motivating to run with a partner so I feel now this is an achievable goal. Of course, Jacob's run full marathons, but that's a bit much for me!

* Here's a couple of segments that I've done recently for Better. Day in the life of a sommelier (Heather Branch at the newly opened Eighty Eight on the Upper West Side) and making your own tomato sauce (with the always fabulous Donatella Arpia). Today I shot a "how to make a margarita" segment that will air on Cinco de Mayo.

That's all for now! Happy weekend!



Yolanda Sfetsos said...

Cool excerpt. Thanks for sharing. :)

Gennita said...

Hi Marianne,

Wanted to say it was great seeing you again at RT. Thanks for the interview and fun! Hope to see you soon at RWA. I'm bringing pink hair extension in your honor.

TJBrown said...

A half marathon? I thought I was being ambitious in wanting to run a 5k!