Saturday, April 19, 2008

RT Highlights

It's the last day of the Romantic Times Convention. I haven't been blogging because we've been doing the videos. (The final two will be available Monday and Tuesday.) But I did want to throw out some highlights. Oh and give a major shout out to the best producer/photographer ever - Morgan Doremus of Miss Media Productions! She is the amazing talent behind the videos you've seen so far. Yay Morgan!

Some other highlights:

* Meeting and playing the chocolate game with urban fantasy author Kim Harrison. I've always loved her books and she was super fun and nice in person.

* Fun with vampire teeth (pics to follow when I go back home and can upload them)

* Having bestselling YA author Mellisa Marr tell me her and her daughter were fans of my Boys that Bite series.

* Getting an email from my editor back in NYC that my Japanese publisher for Boys that Bite wants to set up magazine interviews for me while I'm visiting the country. (Not RT related, but still way cool!)

* Cheering on Hank Phillippi Ryan for her RT award. (Also catching up with her in general as I used to see her everyday. I'm so proud of all her success in writing in such a short time!)

* All my panels - from Shomi to media marketing to YA. They were fun and I think people got a lot out of them.

* Attacking editor Chris K with glitter and getting it on camera.

* Meeting great new people like Judi McCoy and the ladies of the Lipstick Chronicles.

Oh and I have to say, for someone who's known for her crazy costumes at romance conferences, I feel like I've looked pretty damn normal compared to everyone else here! Boring even! The costumes are amazing. I will have pics of all my costumes once I upload from my camera, but as an example, here are Liz and my very tame day outfits. :)

RT 001

RT 008

(Though you can't see in this that my sweatshirt has cat ears. hehe)

That's all for now! Must run to booksigning!


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