Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Viva Mexico

Ah Mexico.

We've been having a fabulous time. It's so relaxing and beautiful here. The weather is hot and sunny and both the pool and the ocean are warm. Yesterday we went into town (Cabo San Lucas) and wandered around, skipping the chain/fancy restaurants to eat at a little Mexican restaurant off the beaten path -- the kind that locals eat at. Muy Bueno!

We've been swimming nonstop and lying out on lounge chairs reading. I even had a massage this afternoon. Ah paradise. It definitely beats being home and obsessing about my book release. :)

It's sad to think we have to leave tomorrow afternoon. But then I'm off to Anaheim for Blizcon - which is a con for people who play World of Warcraft! Woot. I'm meeting up with one of my best friends, Bobby, and we're going to be videogame geeks for the weekend. (As if we're not on normal days, lol.) Then on Sunday we're going to Disneyland!

And, lest you think I've been all play and no work, I did edits on my next year's Shomi proposal that my agent had for me yesterday. So the proposal is officially with my editor as of today. Cross fingers that he likes it!!

Hope you all are having a good week!! :)


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Jessica D. Russell said...

I picked up Moongazer today!!! :-) Hope you're having a blast in Mexico and WOW the cover is amazing. The web just doesn't do it justice!