Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Stupid Flooding!

Flooding in NYC early this AM caused a nightmare commute. I ended up having to walk to work (Upper West Side to midtown east.) The hour walk (even in the sweltering heat) was still a better option than standing on a subway platform for 2 hrs. There is absolutely no air down in the subway and it’s brutal, suffocating heat. At least this way I got some exercise. Ahh, New York. Best place to live, except when something goes wrong.

For those of you interested in writing for the SHOMI line, Dorchester has launched a new contest, in which the prize is publication of a SHOMI book! It’s open to all unpublished authors and e-book authors who have never had their books in print format. You can find the complete rules etc on the Shomi website.

I’m reading the BEST book. It’s called The Other Boleyn Girl. It’s the story of Mary Boleyn, sister of the infamous Anne Boleyn, second wife of Henry XIII. Fascinating book and really compelling. I’m totally into it. I think it’s been out a while, I’m behind the times as always. But if you haven’t checked it out, I highly recommend it.

I got copies of the German version of Boys that Bite yesterday. Very different cover then the American version.

It looks better in real life, actually, then online. It’s a nice matte finish. I see on Amazon, someone reviewed it, but I can’t read German. They gave it 5 stars, though, so I guess they liked it. Can anyone roughly translate?

Echt witzig,
Ein echt klasse Roman um bei Regenwetter auf den Sofa zulümmeln...
Rayne will umbegingt zum Vampir gemacht werden,lernt auch ein Vampir names Magnus kennen.An den Abend wo es passiren soll ,geht ihre Zwillingsschwester Sunny in den Club mit.Leider wird Sunny gebissen und das caos nimmt seinen lauf.Die arme versucht alles um wider Umgewandelt zuwerden.Sie tut einen schon leid!!!!Aber immer mehr verliebt sie sich im nicht zuviel verraten.
Echt schön,witzig beschrieben die Story,wenn mal so ein echter blöder Regentag vor Euch steht,nichst wie hin zum Buchladen!!!!



Annie said...

a fun wedsite that tranlate texts and other website is

Tel said...

Cool shomi contest i'll go check it out. Sadly im german but i cant translate that lol.