Monday, August 13, 2007


Hope you all had a good weekend. Mine was nice and relaxing – which I really needed after being away for so long. On Saturday night I saw The Simpsons movie, which was cute, and then went out to dinner at an Italian eatery called Celeste, which is on 84th/Amsterdam. Great food—authetic Neapolitan. Good wine. Yummy cheese imported from Italy. And reasonable prices, too. The only drawback is it’s one of those tiny places where they cram you in. But that’s NY for you. Service was great – though we had a real Italian in our party who spoke the waiters in their native tongue. Might have helped a bit.

Sunday I went rollerblading around Central Park, which was fun. I really need to exercise more. I’m thinking of joining a gym. They have a great deal through my work where it’s only like $25 a month to join a really nice one called Equinox. I’d like to get more in shape.

Tomorrow, one of my writer heroes, William Gibson (Neuromancer), is doing a reading and signing his new book, Spook County, at a bookstore in Union Square. I am so there! Gibson is such an amazing cyberpunk novelist – he’s the guy who actually coined the phrase cyberspace! – and I’m very much looking forward to reading his new book. I think I’m going to be a little tongue tied when I actually meet him. Either that or total geeky fan girl…


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TJBrown said...

Restaurant sounds great! I love Italian.