Thursday, August 23, 2007

Crappy Weather = Fall Fashion

Another busy day at work. I kept thinking it was Friday. Sad that it was not. Got my 2,000 words done on the anthology. Feel good about that. Now I have to clean my apartment for my dad's visit. Always something.

The weather in NY has been so crappy lately. All cloudy and rainy. I hope it's nicer this weekend. I do like the fact that it's been nice and cool though. Have been able to break out some fall fashions. I feel like I spent all summer in a sundress.

Speaking of fall fashions, today we had Dannielle Romano, editor at large from come into our studios to do some fashion and jewelry trends. She had the cutest dress on, which she said she got from the Vera Wang collection at Kohl's. Vera Wang does a line for Kohl's? Who would have thought! But yes! Seems it is true. The line launches September 9th and the clothes are totally affordable.

So um, is there a Kohl's in NY? Maybe? I hope?


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Elizabeth Kerri Mahon said...

Sorry Marianne, no Kohl's. You'd have to drive either to NJ or out to Long Island, but I'm sure you can order the clothes from their web-site. They also sell the Flirt line of cosmetics as well.