Saturday, August 04, 2007

At Blizcon

Greetings from Blizcon. The 2nd official World of Warcraft convention. It's really cool - though very crowded. There was a costume/voice/dance contest last night, hosting by Jay Mohr. Was really funny. Though, of course, every girl in the contest HAD to do the blood elf female dance. Duh. (It's Britney Spears' Toxic)

They introduced details about the upcoming WoW expansion as well, which looks fab. There's a new level cap to 80 (yay more leveling!) a new area with quests and instances, and even a new character class called a Death Knight. It's the first WoW "Hero Class" which means you can unlock him at 80 but you don't have to start him from level 1 to play, which is good.

I'm off to day #2 today. Will write more later!



Shantel said...

I like the costumes!!! Hope you had fun.

Barb said...

Mar, if you get this before you leave, my geek husband asks if you can get a couple of Murloc suit codes and he said you'd understand this, he'd love you forever and maybe even have your babies. Or something to that effect.

Marianne Mancusi said...

LOL, Barb. Those Murloc suits are in high demand. I've seen them for $200 on eBay. And there's no way I'm parting with mine! Hmmm this calls for a screenshot!! :)

Diana Peterfreund said...

ooh, is that the hand of ragnaros?

And on the right? Nelf priestess?

(Almost L50 btw...)

Falicity said...

Does anybody know when the next Blizzcon is?