Wednesday, August 29, 2007

How do you say vampire in German?

So I have a new pathetic author obsession. Translating German reviews of Boys that Bite. Sad, huh? I'm pasting in reviews to Babblefish and reading them as best I can. Mostly, from what I can tell from the weird translation, German reviewers like it, which is cool. They also totally get the Buffy refs, so I guess Buffy aired in Germany. Buffy probably aired everywhere, but I guess I just never thought about it before.

I even found one webpage with German Boys that Bite fan fic. Awh. I wish I could read it!!

I'll do better when Sk8er Boy is released in French, as I took that in high school and probably retained a tiny bit. Enough to read, at least.

Work has been CRAZY busy still. I get home exhausted. But it's cool cause it feels like we're working towards something good and not just clocking in. Still, it makes it hard to get writing done. I'm home now at 7pm and have to go walk the dog and then work on my anthology. It is very lucky for me I have no life!!

Oh in other coolness, A Hoboken Hipster in Sherwood Forest was chosen as a "Fresh Pick" today by Fresh Fiction. Yay! I would love to write the third book in that series, but I doubt it will ever happen. Too much else going on. Maybe someday...

Okay, time to walk the woof and get working some more!



TJBrown said...

Ooh, congrats on the good german reviews... it is amazing to think that your work has been translated into another language and you have fans in a different country! Well done!

Kiki said...

If you need a hand with German translations, I'm happy to help. Translating is my day job. ^_-