Wednesday, February 21, 2007

We interrupt your regularly scheduled blog to bring you this complaint...

I hate packing.




How do you people will full houses and kids manage to move? I have a tiny freaking one bedroom apartment and a year and a half ago all my stuff went up in flames so it's not even filled with priceless timeless relics. And yet it feels like a neverending pit of stuff!!!! I can't take it. I am going insane. I've thrown half of it out. How did I amass such clutter in such a short time?

I even wrote 12 PAGES of my new YA proposal today simply because I wanted to avoid packing. Hm, maybe a new strategy. Have a deadline? MOVE HOUSES! Nothing has ever motivated me more to write!!

The good news: the proposal rocks. And at this pace I should be done with it by the end of the week. Woot! Agent will be very pleased.

The bad news: packing is not. And dad is coming at 9am Friday morning to cart it all to his house to store before my move. Sigh. Dad will NOT be very pleased.

Seriously, I'm glad I like my new apartment cause I am NEVER EVER LEAVING IT!!!! I will die in that place and people can drag my stuff out along with my corpse.

Just sayin'



Literary Aspirations said...

I also hate packing very, very much. This seems to be because I also seem to constantly accumulate random crap and then have to sort through what I am taking with me and what I am leaving.

My biggest problem is I hate it so much that I often put it off so long that I have to just put in all in boxes with the intent to sort it out at the new place. I don't want to lose anything important so I can't just pitch it without sorting through it.

Best of wishes for the rest of your move and in finishing the proposal!

TJBrown said...

I feel your pain. We moved from an apartment to a house and the expereince was so traumatic for the dh that we will never do it again. The house was a starter house and we were supposed to move as the children aged. Nope. We figure they are leaving in a few years and we will have three bedrooms to ourselves!

Cindy Holby said...

Been there, done that. Talk about lots of crap. We had stuff that wouldn't fit in boxes. We just had to pitch it in the back of a pick up truck. And now there's the unpacking still going on after seven months.

ahhhh! Don't get me started on my in-laws place. My M-I-L just said she never wanted to deal with it so they were going to let us take care of seveny years worth of acumulation. I swear we'll proabably find Jimmy Hoffa in their basement. And the Lost Colony.