Monday, February 26, 2007

"Adventures" in NH

I don't subscribe to cable, but as I'm dogsitting at my dad's this week, I've been keeping the TV on to see what I've been missing. I've watched THE HILLS (is that a reality show or a drama--I can't tell...) MY SUPER SWEET SIXTEEN (o.m.g. this IS a reality show. Which means these girls really exist!!!), 90210 (yay repeats on the Soap channel!), and other junk. Let's just say I probably won't be hooking up cable in NYC anytime soon. Oh, and I watched Before Sunrise, which I hadn't seen in years, as my stepsister had it on DVD. I think I understand that movie a lot more than I did when I originally watched it in like high school. It's pretty beautiful and sad and the characters are really realistic--flawed, yet honestly portrayed and not romanticized too much. Now I want to check out the sequel, which I heard was good.

NH is pretty quiet, which means I'm able to get a lot of writing done. I've finished my middle-grade proposal - 50 pages and a synopsis - and will probably be passing it into my agent tomorrow. Then I guess I'll write my 4th vampire book proposal. You see, I don't want to start my new book "The Camelot Code" until I do the revisions for the two books I passed in because I hate to keep switching projects. But at the same time I want to take advantage of my time off. So we'll see...

Argh the puppy is whining again. Did I mention he needed to be taken out like EVERY HOUR?!?


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Kathy said...

LOL that is why i keep cat's.:-) They go in their box and I don't have to walk em. Plus they are soft, sweet and cuddly. I love my kitties can ye tell?