Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Day #2 Home Alone

So today is my 2nd day home between jobs -- though day #1 doesn't really count cause it was a holiday and lots of friends were home too so I was able to socialize and see people just like it was another weekend day. But now everyone's back to work and I'm officially going crazy sitting home. I don't know how you full time writers do it. :) I thought it'd be great to take two weeks off - now I have no idea how I'll ever survive.

Perhaps my anxiety is not stemmed from being home, but from guilt that I am not packed yet. My house is torn apart, suffering from half-packed syndrome and because I can't put trash out til 6pm tonight half the apartment has been designated a "stuff I need to throw away" dump. Not exactly a feng shui enviornment to relax in.

I did, however, finally turn in MOONGAZER to my editor!! Woot!! Book #8 down!! I'm really happy with how it turned out, too. Cheer! And this morning I wrote the synopsis for a new proposal I'm working on. Would love to have that done by the end of the week. Though I gotta say, it's more than a bit weird to switch gears from adult kick-butt post apocalyptic romance to a young contemp YA style. That's why I decided to tackle the synopsis first. I'll work on the actual chapters a little later today--maybe after a little YA reading to get back into the groove.

And by the way - if anyone's curious of the key to solving writing procrastination? It's moving. Writing > packing everytime!


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