Monday, February 12, 2007

Adventures in Apartment Hunting (NYC Style)

So I survived my weekend in NYC apartment hunting. I even managed to have a little fun while I was there!!

On Friday, I looked at two apartments on the Upper West Side - one on 81st and Columbus and one on 106/West End Drive. The first apartment was cute and in a good area- but a bit run down and also wasn't available until April. Not good since my job starts March 5th! The second was a very well maintained beautiful studio in a nice building, but it was a bit above my price range and no laundry in the building. Seems like if I'm going to spend extra each month I deserve laundry!

But I wasn't too worried. I had more appointments the next day. So on Friday night I crashed the SCBWI VIP cocktail event with my writer friend Charlene. (She was attending the conference, but I was not.) I got to meet my new editor at Dutton, Sara Shumway, who seems really nice. Can't wait to start working with her.

Saturday I met up with another agent, Caroline Bass from Citi-Habitats. GREAT realtor. She totally rocks and made the whole process a ton of fun. We looked at a lot of places. None of them were dumpy, but some were TINY! I mean, you could barely fit a bed for $1,900 a month! I was starting to get worried, as you can imagine. But she assured me she had one "special" apartment that she was saving til last. It was a rare vacancy in this dog-friendly high-rise and she had an exclusive on it. The girl who was supposed to rent it had gotten sick and couldn't take it after all. Since I had gotten Caroline's name through a special referral by someone who was close to the owner, she was going to show it to me.

Well, let me tell you I was not disappointed! The apartment is adorable. A large ninth floor studio facing the street, very well maintained with crown moldings, high beamed ceilings, and beautiful hardwood floors. It's in a fancy doorman/elevator pre-war building with laundry and accepts all dogs. And the best part - it's on 72nd and Central Park West - an awesome neighborhood half a block from the park and the express train. It couldn't be a more perfect spot for me.

As soon as I saw it, I knew I had to have it. So I filled out the application, put down the deposit and crossed my fingers. I didn't even go to my 2nd realtor appointment. I had my mind made up. This apartment was MINE. That night I went out to dinner - a delish Italian place 80s/Columbus - and drank at this amazing little basement Moroccan bar with some friends. My friends kept saying "Oh, you'll have this in your neighborhood, etc." which started freaking me out - like, what if I don't get it?!!?

But like romance novels, this story has a happy ending. The next morning the realtor called and said the apartment was all mine - just come down and sign the lease and produce exorbitant amounts of money. I did and then headed back to Boston on the train, happy and excited.

Success! And beyond my wildest expectations. I never thought I'd find such a perfect place in such a great neighborhood. Moving to NYC is going to be sooo much fun!



Elizabeth Kerri Mahon said...

Congratulations Mari. This just goes to show that you were definitely meant to move to New York. People would kill to get the apartment that you described. Oh, and City Grill on Columbus and 72nd is really cool, as is Ocean Grill on 78th and Columbus.

Marianne Mancusi said...

Thanks Elizabeth! I can't wait to move in. You'll have to come by to check it out once I'm there. And I definitely want to join NYC RWA--when's your March meeting?

Lis said...

Congratulations! Sounds like a great place :o)

Kathy said...

Congrats Mari. I'm so happy for you. When do you officially move in?

Barb said...

You are totally in my favorite 'hood. The hotel I always stay at is just a couple of blocks away (79th and Amsterdam) and my fave restaurant (Pappardella).