Sunday, February 27, 2005


Back from snowboarding at Mount Snow in Vermont. Was a great day - very good snow and it wasn't too cold. I love snowboarding. It's such a rush flying down the mountain. And great exercise too. Tonight my DH is out at a concert with friends (he has so much stamina!) I'm exhausted. I'm trying to watch the Oscars but they just aren't holding my interest. Problem is, I haven't seen any of the movies, so I'm kind of like "who cares?" I used to go to the movies every Sunday night with my friend Mary until I moved out of the city and into the burbs. Now I'm more of an "on demand" cable kind of girl. Getting old, I guess!

My cousin's wedding last night was nice. Lots of people! I guess her husband has a big family. She looked very beautiful and very happy so that's good. My cousin's grandmother Silvia, who I consider my own adopted grandmother (nona) as I grew up with her at every family function, was there. She is this tiny Italian woman who must be in her mid 80s by now. She's such a sweetheart and I love her dearly. Sadly now her mind is going and she gets really confused and forgetful, but boy does she remember about my book coming out!! Everytime I see her, the first thing she does is give me a big kiss and we have this exchange, word for word, every time:

Sylvia: "Marianne! When's your book coming out?"
Me: "May. It's coming out in May."
Sylvia: "And you're going to autograph it for me!"
Me (Nodding): "Yes, I will definitely autograph it for you."
Sylvia: "And you won't forget?"
Me: "I promise. I won't forget."

Last time I saw her I gave her a copy of the cover flat and so this time she was going on about how she showed it to everyone and told them how she knows a real author. It's moments like these that make me feel truly proud and happy.

Okay I know this isn't a very exciting entry, but my exhaustion is making me somewhat uninspired. I promise to be more interesting tomorrow. :-)


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