Thursday, February 24, 2005

Busy Busy Busy

At work sweeps is winding down and that means the last of the segments has to get on the air. I've got one airing tomorrow and another airing on Monday. So I've been scrambling to get them written and edited so they can make it on the air. But I see the light at the end of the tunnel. For the rest of you, the end of sweeps means the beginning of reruns for your favorite shows. But for downtrodden tv news producers like me, it means a far less hectic schedule... at least for the month of March. Come April we'll have to start getting ready for May sweeps. A never ending cycle, I'll tell you what.

Of course it didn't help that in the middle of the craziness, these **loser writer chicks** (formerly known as Barb Pollak and Alesia Holliday ) decided it would be "fun" to call me from their leisurely lunch at a Florida Fridays as they scarfed down burgers and nachos. I pretended to be happy for them as I picked at my boring wilted salad during my 5 minute lunch break.

So not fair.

This weekend I've got a birthday brunch at my dads and then my cousin's wedding on Saturday. On Sunday we're going snowboarding. Can't wait for that!! I love snowboarding. It's fun AND good exercise. Total two-for-one deal. And then the following weekend we're doing a huge birthday bash to celebrate my 2nd anniversary of my 29th birthday. We're going to this thing that's part Indiana Jones, part Choose Your Own Adventure called TOMB. It looks really cool adn we've already got like 20 people going so it should be a blast.

Notice how I'm avoiding the topic of writing? Probably because I have been very bad and haven't done any for the last two days. Not for lack of motivation, mind you. Just time. Precious time.

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