Saturday, February 19, 2005

Weekends, Drag Shows, and Goths

Yay it's the weekend! I love the weekend, even when I'm not doing anything exciting like snowboarding. (It's President's weekend so we decided it would be too crowded on the slopes!) Besides, I'm rather under the weather. I even called in sick to work yesterday. Have ugly sore throat and cold thing going on.

Tonight my friends and I, being the urban open-minded city girls from a "blue state" that we are (heh!) are going out to see a show called "Chicks with Dixie." In case the name doesn't clue you in, it's a drag show. It's supposed to be really funny though. :-) Of course, the husband has claimed he will "have a headache" and so will regretfully not be attending. So sad. :-)

Hmmm.. since this is technically an author blog, I should probably talk about my writing, huh? Well, my latest manuscript, "Boys that Bite" is at the 16,000 word count point. Since it's YA and only has to be 60k total, that means I'm more than 25 percent done. Yay! I've always wanted to write a vampire book and this one's a lot of fun to write. At some point I'll post the first chapter on my website.

Author Katie MacAlister always does "field trips" on her blog (a really great blog, btw) which I think is really fun and cool. So in that tradition, I give you one writing related link and one fun one.

The writing related one is the "Girlfriend Cyber Circuit" which hosts virtual book tours for Chick Lit authors such as Allison Pace, who's book "If Andy Warhol Had a Girlfriend" is getting great buzz. I totally want to read it, but am waiting, since Allison is coming to Boston for a book signing in March. (At the Trident Booksellers and Cafe.) ANYWAY - back to the Girlfriend Cyber Circuit. It's such a great way to get publicity for those of us who have no money to hire a publicist!! Basically they get an author featured on various other author blogs and have them talk about their book, etc. I'm going to see if I can get involved with it somehow.

Today's fun link is "What Kind of Goth are You?" Yes, I used to be a total goth girl in high school. I still love the music to this day, but have to play normal for work. :-) However, in Boys that Bite, one of the lead characters is a goth so I've been delving into the world again to see how it's changed. (Surprisingly not much!)
So that said, according to the quiz:

Yet Another Goth Test

HA! An Old Original Goth. So true. Sigh.

ANYWAY - got to get back to writing. Have a great day!

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