Saturday, February 26, 2005

Can't wait to read...

Agh - yesterday was such a hellish day at work. I'm sooo glad it's Saturday today. I put in an over 12 hour workday and about 11.5 hours were torturous. I wish I could tell you the whole sordid tale because actually some of it is really, really funny and would inadvertantly say a lot about TV News and the absurdity of the whole thing, but I can't cause this blog is a public forum and until I can support myself entirely on writing, I can't dish all the dirt.

So, um, if you want to learn all, buy my books. Heck, buy two copies. Help me escape the dark pit of existance known as tv news and I promise to tell all. heh.

Ahem.Shameless begging out of the way now, on to our regularly scheudled blog.

This morning I'm off to my dad & stepmom's for a birthday brunch. My brother and his wife are up from Tennessee (for my cousin's wedding later today, not my brunch, just FYI. I mean my brother loves me, but not THAT much!!) I haven't seen my brother since like the fall, so I'm psyched. Then off to my cousin Jen's wedding. She's had a tough time with guys who were like ALMOST the one and then at the last minute it turned out that they soooo WEREN'T so I'm glad she's finally got someone perfect for her even though I find weddings incredibly boring events.

So anyway, a couple of people recently have written me saying they're looking forward to my book coming out, which delights me to no end! I mean people are thinking about my book!! Wow. It boggles the mind that some little Microsoft Word file, created on a lonely morning in the summer of 2003 has grown into something with almost a life and existance all its own. Kind of scary, but cool, all at the same.

ANYWAY - before I get completely off topic, those emails made me start thinking what books I'M really, really looking forward to reading when they're released. So here's my short list. Feel free to add your own, because I'm always on the lookout for good books:

Liz Maverick's Crimson City series (starts July 2005) - action adventure romance about vampires, werewolves and mechs, living in futuristic LA. I mean, can you get any cooler than that? I think not.

Julie Kenner's Carpe Demon - If Buffy got married and had kids and never told anyone about her past. This has also been optioned as a movie. V. V. cool.

Alesia Holliday's Nice Girls Finish First - The sequel to the uber funny American Idle. Alesia is one of the funniest writers I know.

Kristin Harmel's How to Sleep with a Movie Star - Okay, I've actually already read a draft of this as they asked me to do a cover quote. But it's great - something I think everyone who hasn't already read it should look out for.

Jennifer's O'Connell's Off the Record - I'm a bit sketchy on the plot, but heard some of it has to do with the 80s and I LOVE anything to do with the 80s as I was a child of them. :-)

Gena Showalter's Awaken Me Darkly - Book 1 in the "Alien Huntress" series. The cover alone makes it a must-buy and it sounds like a really cool book.

Molly Jong Fast's Sex Doctors in the Basement - A memoir by the daughter of Erica Jong. I read her first book "Normal Girl" a few years back and loved it. Gritty, funny book about a teen socialite addict living in Manhattan. Kind of Druggie Chick Lit. :-)

Well that's a short list - there are many, many more, but I've got to my birthday brunch. :-) Oh and just a quite note - I just finished Melissa Senate's "Who's Wedding is it Anyway." It was really good. Melissa has a knack for creating really lovable, flawed characters and I think I have a bit of a crush on heroine's brother Emmett.


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