Thursday, February 17, 2005

Wine and Video Game Night

My name is Marianne Mancusi and I am a gamer grrrl.

Okay confession time, even though I know I'm going to come off as a total geek! A few years back, when my husband (then boyfriend) and I were broke and unemployed, we started this tradition every Thursday called "Wine and Video Game Night." It's basically just how it sounds - drink wine, play online computer games. We're both avid gamers and at the time, we didn't have much $ so we had to designate a special night for wine indulgence. :-) It was something silly to look forward to.

Today we're much more financially secure and can afford more than one bottle of sauvignon blanc a week , but we still find wine and videogame night a great tradition. No matter what comes up in our lives, Thursday is set-aside and sacred for this purpose. It's a lot of fun, though when I admit this to my coworkers, I do get some strange looks. Oh well! Like I care! Right now, we're playing World of Warcraft which is a massive multiplayer online roleplaying game. (MMORPG). Sort of Dungeons and Dragons for the computer. We have friends from all over the country that we meet up with play with. Yes, I know geek, geek, geek. :-p But hey - I'm happy!


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