Tuesday, February 22, 2005

Early Writing with David Bowie

There's been discussion on an email loop I'm on about people writing stories back when they were teens and how they always cast their friends as the stars of these stories. Which is sooo funny 'cause I did the exact same thing!

I used to write stories based on myself and my friend Gretchen's romantic adventures with David Bowie. Of course, because there was only one David and two of us, I so generously let Gretchen have him and I got to date (and eventually marry) his son Zowie (or Joe or Duncan as he goes by now.) Zowie/Joe/Duncan was more my age anyway... just like three years older as opposed to David, who still looks amazing, but is the same age as my dad. I had no idea at the time if Joe was as good looking in real life, but I assumed he must be, with David as his dad!

All these years later, David Bowie is still my favorite musician and I've snuck in references to him in every book I've written so far. I was soo lucky to win front row tickets to see him in concert last year. Truly the best show of my life. He pranced around the stage like a 25 year old, even though he's about 58. He's such a versitile, talented performer and has been such a trendsetter over the years, always one step ahead of the times. I think we writers could take a lesson from that.

So in honor of those early writing years, here are some David Bowie links for you to explore:

David's Official Site (BowieNet)

Links related to the movie Labyrinth (my first childhood introduction to Bowie!)

60 Ways to Tell if You're Obsessed with David Bowie (See, I'm not the only freak!)

Bowie Wonderworld (a pretty comprehensive fan site with lyrics, etc)

And sometime I'll have to dig up some of that old David Bowie fanfic and post some for fun. Or maybe, if you're really lucky, some DB poetry. No, sadly I'm not joking...


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