Sunday, February 20, 2005

Lazy Sunday & Luxury Homes

So the drag show last night was really good - actually it wasn't really a drag show, more like a cabaret. (As in the actors really sang and didn't just lip sinc and there were comedy sketches) If you're in the Boston area and have an open mind, I'd definitely check it out. (Fresh Fruit Productions) Afterwards we went out for dinner and drinks at an Irish pub. Was v. fun night overall.

Being the good girl who doesn't drink and drive, I spent the night over my friend Mary's on her couch. (She lives in the South End and now I live in the suburbs.) Well, that was fine except in the middle of the night, her dog came over and pawed me in the face for some unknown reason so I woke up to being scratched in the face by a lab! My face was all bleeding and now I have a big scratch from my eye to my nose. OUCH! My DH is walking around calling me Scarface. I look like some domestic abuse victim. Damn dog!! I still have no idea why she did that? There are much better ways of getting my attention.

Today I lazed around and didn't do much. I wasn't hung over, just feeling lazy. Aaron and I wasted a bunch of time checking out luxury houses on the web. You should see some of these places! So for today's field trip (I should really come up with a better name as that's stealing from Katie M's blog) check out the following:

Houses Marianne Would Live in if She Became the Next J.K. Rowling.

First up, a lovely 7 Bedroom 14 bathroom costal retreat in San Diego. Priced at a mere 29 million. Isn't it cute? Okay, maybe not cute. But way cool.

If you'd rather be closer to LA, how about this Malibu beachfront property? A steal at only 14,900,000. Course it only has 4 bedrooms...

This one isn't on the water, but I don't think I'd turn it down. It's in Rancho Santa Fe, a San Diego county town. Only a little over 10 million.

Last up, for those of you who don't want to have to deal with mowing the lawn, here's a Los Angeles penthouse apartment. 10 mil and it's yours.

It's so fun to look at these houses and dream, isn't it? But honestly, I'm very happy living in a little rented cottage in the woods of Concord. It may not be much, but it's cozy and comfy and home. I'm sure those big mansions are a pain to clean anyhow. :-)

Tomorrow it's President's Day. I have to work. Bleh.

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