Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Weekend Wrap-up

I'm way overdue to blog, but I've had quite the week, which ended in three days of the worst flu imaginable. I'm finally feeling a little bit better, but boy was I sick!!

Weds night Liz Maverick flew into town and the two of us headed down to Times Square to meet up with Alesia Holliday for drinks. Then the three of us went to dinner with a bunch of authors in town for the PASIC convention and our editors Kate Seaver and Cindy Hwang.

Thursday was the PASIC cocktail reception. Lots of industry people attending. And we got to chat with Sue Grimshaw of the Border Group about how we could help her promote the Shomi line.

On Friday I headed to New England to the NEC RWA conference. It was a fun conference. They even had a costume party. Here's me, vamping it up as Rayne from "Stake That!"

Jennifer O'Connell dressed up as her chef in Dress Rehersal. Next to her is our agent Kristin Nelson and NEXT author Hank Phillippi Ryan who is also a Kristin client.

I gave a workshop on writing and selling YA fiction which I think went well. And I sold a lot of books at the book fair afterwards. Then that night I went back to Boston and met some friends for drinks then took a 9:30 train back to NYC. It didn't get in til 2:30am!!

The next morning I realized I was really, really sick. Bad news, since Liz was coming to stay with me and we had a busy two days. So I sucked it up, even though I was dying with a high temperature that at one point was 104 degrees! We went to Dorchester on Monday to meet with our publicist Brianna (who is leaving the company - cry!) and then did a photo shoot for promotional shoots. A word of advice: never have professional photos taken of yourself when you have a fever of over 100. It is NOT fun.

I slept most of today. I still feel like crap, though I feel maybe I've turned the corner...

So anyway, besides the sick part, it was a fun week.



Daryl Andrews said...

Wow.... we have so much in common! You sold books at a bookfair and my checking account was wiped clean on the very same day at my son's school book fair.

What? Fine...

So we don't have all that much in common... OK... Truthfully the two have nothing to do with each other. I just needed a really good excuse to whine about spending too much money.

Hope you have a speedy recovery!

Little Willow said...

Hey Marianne! Fab costume. I'm proud to report you have new fans, ie. customers of mine, who are anxiously awaiting the third and final book in the trilogy!