Friday, April 13, 2007

Blogging from Charleston

My new job for is so great. I can't believe I get paid to do this stuff. I'm down in Charleston, South Carolina to cover the Family Circle Cup (an all women's tennis competition.) We flew down on a chartered plane yesterday and arrived in the evening. My friend and now fellow Shomi author Cindy Holby came down to meet with us and we went out and about in the historic district of Charleston, had some food, some drinks, etc.

Today we went over to the tournament. We watched and shot video of the various matches, including Venus Williams (she won - amazing match!) and sat in on the press conference with her afterwards. We shot video of celebrity chef, Bob Wagner of the Charleston Grill teaching us how to make a diver scallop dish. Then we shot a segment of my reporter and I learning how to play BEACH TENNIS which is this crazy new sport that's a combo of tennis, badmitton, and beach volleyball. It was sooo much fun!

Tomorrow there will be more tennis and more activities. It's exhausting and my feet hurt, but it beats hanging out in an office all day. The weather is sunny and in upper 70s-lower 80s and back in NYC it was raining and like 40 degrees. We fly back to NYC on Sunday after the finals. I'm going to be so tired. But it certainly beats the grind of local TV News, that's for sure. :)

Off to go scout out dinner!


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