Sunday, April 08, 2007

Happy Easter

Happy Easter!!

Good weekend so far. On Friday, my friend Jenny had a dinner party with great food, wine, and videogames on her husband's PS3 afterwards. (I kicked everyone's butt in Tekken!!) Lots of fun. Then yesterday a couple friends and I went to see 300 on the IMAX. Loved it!! Those Spartans really could kick some butt!! I thought the movie was great - visually stunning, interesting, and passionate. Then we went out for drinks and food. Fun night. I'm finally getting a chance to spend some time out and about in NYC. :)

I'm 95 percent recovered from my flu. Still got a nasty cough, but other than that I'm fine. Hopefully I can kick that before I head down to South Carolina on Thursday. Even though it's a work trip, I want to enjoy myself down there!

I was also productive yesterday - did my taxes (ugh), cleaned my apartment, did laundry, and worked on my 4th vampire book proposal. It's soo close to done - I hope to pass it in this week.

That's about all for now! Happy Easter!!!

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